Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What's with the beet?

I wanted to use something besides stars to rate the food on this blog. So, I turned to good-looking veggies. Enter 'the Beet'. It's a star vegetable for a number of attributes (+ saying 5 'Beet' Restaurant sounds so unapologetically campy):
a) Looks: There is no natural color as rich and beautiful as the deep beet purple.
b) Versatility: Eat it raw, Cook it, Drink it - it still tastes amazing.
c) Healthy: Suffice to say it's among the healthiest veggies that go around.

A restaurant is rated based on only two food-related attributes - Variety and Quality. I don't feel its fair to bring in factors like service and ambiance though I occasionally mention it if I observe extremes - it's hard enough finding vegetarian options. A high-beet score on variety indicates a menu rich in vegetarian options. A high-beet score on quality indicates the presence of dishes that I found to be delish.

It's worth mentioning that the quality score will take into account the relative cost of the meal. If dish X tasted about the same in restaurants A and B but cost more in (say) B, then A will receive a higher beet score on quality than B.

(Picture borrowed from - http://www.regionalfood.com.au/produce/images/aug05/beetroot420.jpg)

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