Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cafe Carolina and Bakery, Chapel Hill


We visited Cafe Carolina & Bakery in Chapel Hill after receiving discount coupons for the restaurant in my mail. For one thing, I don't look down upon coupon sending restaurants anymore. CC&B turned out to be quite good and is our destination of choice for great sandwiches and weekend brunches after a long run.

A look at CC&B's menu at first glance will reveal very few vegetarian options. Besides the garden veggie wrap, there really isn't much to pick right off the menu. However, we found the cafe employees to be quite helpful and accommodating when we asked for specific sandwiches with meat substitutions and omissions. They even made the portobello panini for Aparna though it wasn't listed on the menu. Both the Turkey Berry panini and Chipotle chicken panini can be had with veggie substitutions. Be sure to also taste their delicious breads - the sun-dried tomato baguette was a standout

CC&B's brunch menu (available upto 2pm) is another worthy attraction. I tried the mexican flatbread sans sausage and it was delicious. It's quite filling though so make sure you come with an appetite to match. While I shy away from salads most of the time, I must mention their signature salad. It's heavy on fruits (mandarin oranges, strawberries, dried cranberries, raisins, pineapple) and some nuts and gorgonzola cheese. For me it almost works as a dessert.

If at all possible, do save some room for their fresh-baked brownies and cupcakes. Aparna enjoys their curiously blue-cream topped chocolate cupcakes. There are other varieties to choose from. I highly recommend their brownie - drenched in gooey chocolate and butter. Don't forget to get it warmed up a little bit before digging in.

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