Saturday, June 6, 2009

Torre Luna - Cartagena, Colombia


Aparna and I stumbled upon Torre Luna while wandering the incredibly picturesque neighborhood of San Diego in Cartagena. "Especialidades Vegetariana" clearly spoke to our palates. More than anything else, Torre Luna had an ambiance which practically melted Aparna. Like most restaurants and shops in the old city, Torre Luna was presumably a home built ages ago. In addition to the tastefully decorated main seating area, they had a separate open roof garden seating as well. From here, one can see the kitchen and the herb garden - I saw them picking chives and basil that were later featured in the dishes we ordered.

Needless to say, they had a menu rich in vegetarian options. We started off with fresh fruit juices - Maracuya (passion fruit) and Mandarina. Maracuya is inherently very citrous and sweet and I was concerned about that - hoping they could take the edge of what is otherwise a favorite tropical fruit of mine. The waiter promised that they'd make sure the juice would be smooth and he delivered on that. It was an incredibly tasty drink.

For starters, we got a simple vegetable soup and a warm eggplant-tahini dipping sauce. The latter stood out.

The vegetable paella was delectable as promised by our waiter. In true spanish style, it wasn't heavily spiced unlike an Indian pulao so the flavors of the various vegetables stood out. We (rather I) ended with a rum and raisin ice-cream. The tropical heat turned the ice-cream into a gooey melted mess - much to my liking. It featured incredibly plump and juicy raisins. It was an unforgettable meal for the both of us.

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  1. Thanks for this great advice. After a week of trying to eat as a vegetarian in Cartegena I searched for food on the web yesterday, and found your site. We went to this restaurant last night and I had one of the best meals I've had in Cartegena. Spinach and 4 cheese on a flat tortilla.
    FYI to anyone else - this restaurant is a few blocks from the Sofitel Santa Clara.