Sunday, June 7, 2009

La Vitrola - Cartagena, Colombia

Veg Options

La Vitrola is rated as the top restaurant in Cartagena - and is internationally renowned. I was waiting to eat here after reading a slavishly positive review of the restaurant on NYTimes. As mentioned in the article, we had to make a reservation prior to getting there and we managed to get an early reservation at 7pm - the more popular late evening slots were already taken.

While the restaurant was impressive, there really wasn't anything for a vegetarian here. In spite of Ernesto's best efforts to explain to the waiter my "condition", all that the chefs could manage was one very average risotta/paella dish. We came away about $50 poorer per head which (including the wine bottle) is ridiculously expensive. As a vegetarian, I'd stay away from this place. There are much better options like Oh! La la and Torre Luna within the walled confines of the ciudad vieja.

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